Sore Feet At Home? You’re Not Alone

In quarantine, we wear slippers at home, sneakers for outdoor walks, and everything else is stashed in the closet. Comfortable footwear has been one pandemic bonus — or so we thought.

Photo by Zen Bear Yoga on Unsplash

Keep Moving

Walding says the real problem isn’t unsupportive footwear as much as standing still for long periods of time.

Home Workouts

If you used to work out on machines at the gym, the living room workout is going to look different. Machines keep you mostly in one position. If you’ve switched to doing high-impact exercises, your feet and ankles will be moving differently. Exercising barefoot can lead to strain on the feet and ankles.

Wearing Shoes in the House

We’ve all seen what happens on sidewalks, so if the thought of stepping one shoe-wearing foot off your doormat makes you gag, we don’t blame you.

Licensed nutritionist, advocate for mental health. I’m not perfect and you don’t have to be either.

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